Benefits Of Using Escrow Software
Most businesses will need different types of software in order to do various day-to-day activities and be able to offer the appropriate goods and services to their customers. Companies will thus look for software from the different vendors and these vendors will make it possible for the source code escrow companies to access the object code in enabling them run the different software. The vendor will not give out the source code of the software since it is confidential. Some cases may then arise that the licensor is not able to offer the software services hence making it crucial for licensors and licensee to make use of software escrow services. Source code escrow is an single beneficiary escrow arrangement whereby a third party holds the source code until a certain event occurs depending on the agreement. There are a number of different benefits of using this service. 
In order to manage different activities and functions in the business, you would definitely need certain software. Owing to the importance of different software, it would be important for you to be sure that the license provider would always be available to offer the services. Uncertainty of the future makes it important for there to be some sort of software protection. Source code technology escrow service are essential in ensuring that the licensee can get the source code in case the licensor is not able to provide the software services any more.
Due to various reasons, the licensee may need to access the source code and documentation. In case you do not have a source code arrangement with the vendor, it can be quite hard to be able to access the source code. However, in case you have the agreement with the licensor, it can be relatively easy to get the source code when you need it urgently since the agreement will state situations under which the licensee can access the code and one of the situations may be the current situation, the licensee may be going through.
Continuity of your business is greatly dependent on some software. Since some of these software are usually critical for the running of the activities of the organizations, if the firm cannot get this software, this can easily lead to the collapse of the business. Having a single beneficiary escrow agreement in case of only one license is important for the future of the business. Knowing that you have taken the necessary measures to protect the software will give you the peace of mind you desire.
The vendor who is usually the depositor of the source code is normally assured that the source code is secure. This is normally because several rules and measures are put into place to ensure that no one who does not have the necessary authorizations can access the code. In order to ensure that there are no cases of having long disputes, there is also a set criterion for releasing the code to the client. This will ensure that both the licensor and licensee save money.